Planet Buddies have created a range of colourful and spirited characters who represent endangered, vulnerable, and threatened species from all over the world.


Hi! I’m Pepper the Penguin. I live in Antarctica, the coldest place on Earth! I depend on sea ice for places to nest where hundreds of us huddle together in a big group to keep warm against the cold. Brrr! Sea ice is also a platform that helps me to dive deep into the ocean to catch tasty fish. But climate change is causing our home to disappear…
How you can help:
- Turn off lights when you leave a room
- Choose glass bottles instead of plastic
- Help us to keep our environment clean by picking up litter
- Spread the word!


Hi! I’m Olive the Owl. I live in forests and farmlands! I depend on my habitat having plenty of trees for me to nest in so I can sleep all day and come out at night. Zzzzz. The forests also help me to keep my eggs safe high up in the trees so I can protect them from danger. But deforestation is causing our home to be destroyed…
How you can help:
- Use a reusable bottle or mug for your drinks
- If there are no bins nearby, take your rubbish with you
- Plant trees and flowers - they keep our air clean
- Spread the word!


Hi! I’m Milo the Turtle. I live in the ocean which covers around 70% of the world! The other marine species and I often help each other: I eat lots of seagrass for my marine friends who rely on it being cut short. Yum! But plastic, abandoned fishing nets, and oil pollution are causing our home to suffer…
How you can help:
- Call for help if you see entangled animals
- Volunteer at beach clean-ups
- Use reusable straws (bamboo and metal are great alternatives)
- Spread the word!


Hi! I’m Noah the Whale. I live in the ocean and I’m the largest animal in the whole world! The ocean helps me to talk to other whales and sea creatures by making really loud sounds and songs which travel 4 times faster under water than at sea-level. HELLOOO!! But whaling and the threat of me and my friends becoming trapped in abandoned fishing equipment has threatened our safety…
How you can help:
- Use reusable containers to store leftovers
- Switch to energy efficient lightbulbs
- Learn about how 'Ghost Nets' endanger sea creatures
- Spread the word!


Hi! I’m Pippin the Panda. I live in forests high in the mountains of China. I depend on my habitat for lots of trees to climb. We start learning to climb from 5-months-old and even practice handstands! I like to spend most of my time eating lots of tasty bamboo. Chomp-chomp! But farming and deforestation is destroying my home and poachers are threatening my safety…
How you can help:
- Walk or ride to school instead of using the car
- Make a compost heap to recycle food waste
- Always put recyclables in the correct recycle bins
- Spread the word!


Hi! I’m Charlie the Tiger. I live in tropical forests with lots of trees and tall grass! I am a very strong swimmer and like to find lakes and rivers where I can splash around and cool off. We are excellent hunters and the biggest cats in the whole world! GRRR! But deforestation is destroying my home and poachers are threatening my safety…
How you can help:
- Volunteer for litter-picking to keep our world clean
- Say NO to single-use plastic bags
- Use public transport to reduce your carbon footprint
- Spread the word!